Volume 2 Issue 3
Apr.  2022
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Quanqi ZUO, Yi ZHANG, Shuai HUANG, Cong CHEN. Structural design of high-precision fixture for laser welding: A review[J]. Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Science and Technology , 2022, 2(3): 2022013. doi: 10.51393/j.jamst.2022013
Citation: Quanqi ZUO, Yi ZHANG, Shuai HUANG, Cong CHEN. Structural design of high-precision fixture for laser welding: A review[J]. Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Science and Technology , 2022, 2(3): 2022013. doi: 10.51393/j.jamst.2022013

Structural design of high-precision fixture for laser welding: A review

doi: 10.51393/j.jamst.2022013

This work is financially supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No.51975205),and the Natural Science Foundation of Hunan Province (Grant No.2021JJ40068).

  • Received Date: 2022-03-01
  • Accepted Date: 2020-04-20
  • Rev Recd Date: 2022-04-14
  • Available Online: 2022-04-21
  • Publish Date: 2022-04-21
  • Due to the high energy density, fast welding speed and non-contact welding, laser welding technology can be used to weld key components with complex curved surfaces. However, narrow work-piece gaps and high matching accuracy are required in laser welding, which increases the difficulty of welding. For this reason, the design of high-precision fixture has become a research hotspot. The difference between laser welding fixture and traditional welding fixture is that laser welding fixture is more complex in structure, requires high precision and needs to apply pressure on the weld. This paper discussed the structural characteristics of fixed, rotating and mobile welding fixture, and analyzed the work-piece shape, welding requirements and production mode. Laser welding fixture design engineers can quickly design the fixture according to product requirements, and refer to the structural type and design method of tooling. It not only improves the design efficiency of fixture, but also improves the processing efficiency and accuracy of welding. Finally, the challenges of structural design in laser welding fixture are pointed out. It provides a direction for the development in the structural design of laser welding fixture in the future.
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